Right Person Right Place

In today’s economy the most important asset any company has are its people. The ability to find the right people, put them in the right job and motivate them to succeed is the most important aspect of an organization. After all people is generally the greatest expense of any company. Yet most current methods for selecting people are out dated and random at best.

Recently I attended a workshop on using the ADVanced Insights Profile in the recruitment and selection process. We use this tool in our coaching and peer group process. The group consisted of companies who currently using the tool in their selection process and others were looking to use the tool for this purpose. The ADVanced Insight Profile is validated for use in employment selection and allows potential employers the ability to understand how a potential employee is going to approach the work environment, defines core values and profiles the unconscious drivers contributing to empathy, decision making and systems development.

In a time of high unemployment we recognize the need to find and qualify potential candidates is more important than ever. Using this objective tool assists recruiters and HR departments understand key behaviors of a potential candidate not reflected in carefully crafted resumes.

Rather than try to explain how this tool works, we are will to provide you the opportunity to complete the profile at no charge. If this is of interest, please send me an email glenn@patchcoaching.com and we will send you a link to the tool. Once the results are received we will make an appointment to review the results and learn more about how the tool could benefit your organization.

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