Why Does Coaching Work?

Coaching works because it clarifies three key aspects of leadership; Expectations, Agreement and Accountability. Defining expectations increases our awareness of what we want. Blending our joint expectations into an agreement creates a basis for accountability. By working together we realize a more focused understanding of what we want in our personal and professional life and hold each other accountable for attainment.

Using assessment tools we explore your perception of yourself and compare the information to your vision for the future. Clarifying your expectations and comparing to your current reality produces the creative tension required for change. Having a coach available to offer objective feedback is different from sharing this information with co-workers and/or family. As a leader it is difficult to share your concerns with co-workers and often discomforting to family.

Working with a coach to develop action plans combined with regular sessions to monitor progress produces significant results. Coaching success is determined by measurable results; professionally and personally. Helping leaders develop a shared-vision with their team/family generates positive action. The ongoing coaching practice of reassessment and refinement moves individuals and organization toward shared goals.

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