The stress of running a business taxes even the strongest of people. Patch Executive Leadership Coaching offers a unique opportunity to navigate professional and personal challenges under the guidance of an experienced, unbiased person. Through coaching, you can address the real issues rather than identified problems. It isn’t that a coach knows all the answers; simply that a coach is not part of the problem.

Patch Coaching will help you explore your perception of yourself and compare the information to your vision for the future. This produces the creative tension required for change.

What to Expect

Glenn’s multidisciplinary approach centers around expectations, agreement and accountability. Both the coach and the participant must be aware of each other’s expectations and come to agreement about the ultimate goal, which then creates a basis for accountability.

Although the coaching process is non-linear and unique to each individual, there is a common framework, which includes:

  • Clarification of your vision, goals and desires
  • Development of clear action plans
  • Accountability to measurable results
  • Commitment to ongoing reassessment and refinement

Individual Patch Coaching sessions are held each week by phone. Weekly sessions offer the highest consistency and follow-through. You can also email issues or questions in between sessions, and if you are facing a critical situation needing immediate attention, you can reach out by phone.

Ultimately, the coaching experience can push you far beyond what you’d normally achieve on your own. But please note: results take time — which is why there is a minimum three-month commitment for any Patch Coaching engagement.

Fee Schedule

Initial Session: Free of Charge
Monthly Coaching Sessions: $1,200
All fees must be paid in advance.

If you or your organization have reached a turning point, contact Patch Coaching today.

Executive coaching can be an especially challenging undertaking, Glenn’s wealth of experience running and advising businesses offered critical insights into my leadership style and helped me define actions required to improve my business and team relationships.

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